MANDALA Course – Art for Calm & Creativity

Hello Dear People…have you ever noticed that the busier you are, the less you seem to achieve? The day seems to zip by in a blur when I have a busy head, but when calm, time opens up and things fall into place without the efforting. This is so counter-intuitive, its difficult to trust. I learned that working harder was better and the more I tried, the more I would achieve. Sure, I achieved results, but I also got deeply fatigued, seriously ill and not many friends!

There’s another way.

Being present in the moment to what is happening now rather than mulling over the past or stressing about the future is often called mindfulness. Coming back to the body and sensations is key to stopping incessant worrying and becoming present again – present in one’s life and able to connect with one’s feelings, and with other people. Meditative art is a way of becoming calm and present. Life can flow along without the struggle.

You can learn some easy ways to get lost in your creativity and find yourself in the present moment in my course in Feb/March 2015:

the meditative art of MANDALAS 

at Belconnen Art Centre

Making mandalas is a form of meditative art that anyone can do. Making and contemplating mandalas can spark your creativity, enhance your clarity and bring a sense of calm, reducing stress and anxiety. In this intensive course, Suzanne combines her doctoral research about the painting of light; her painting and teaching experience with coaching skills for you to experience ways to make your own luminous mandalas. Sometimes called Yogi Art, the teaching of the meditative art of mandalas imparts the skills for enriching any yoga and meditation practice.

WHEN: 4 afternoons 1.30-4pm on Feb 15, March 8, 15, 22

WHERE: Belconnen Art Centre

COST:  $395 for 4 sessions or $120 per session

CONTACT: Suzanne here  

BOOKINGS: The venue needs to know numbers by 1st Feb. Bookings after that may be able to be accommodated – check with Suzanne

More on Course content…..

-Learn key points from the work of scholars whom all acknowledge the calming and healing power of making meditative art

-Experience checking your body for tension and mind for worry and notice how meditative art give you tools to feel more comfortable and calm.

-Be informed about the tradition of Yogi Art and mandalas in cultures world-wide.

-Experience guided meditations and visualisations to help clear negative thinking and find the truth of your creativity

-Discover your personal colour harmonies

-Create your own unique, luminous designs

-Notice and see more than before

-Be surprised, delighted by and grateful for your unique creativity

-Find out about the symbolic meanings of colours and simple sacred geometry

-Make 4 different kinds of mandalas for your personal meditation

-Revise and take away the skills and methods to continue your own meditative art whenever you like.