Yesterday was the 4th and final day of my Autumn course – The Meditative Art of Mandalas, or, the full title: The Meditative Art of Making and Contemplating Mandalas…anyhow, it went well. ‘It went well’ is a very inadequate description. Let me explain. I was working with a group of people who listened and became present, who responded with openness, vulnerability and creative truthfulness. What else could have happened but for them to make beautiful, luminous mandalas?! Their insightful questions and the enquiry evident in their work inspired me to rewrite my course as it went, deepening the content to align with their seeking. What a privilege it is to work in this way. It has been the most enjoyable, most rewarding course I’ve ever given, thanks to my awesome students.

We covered a lot of territory and there is so much more! Making and contemplating mandalas are like opening doors into infinite possibility…One thing I know for sure is the course is too short. However, to make the course very affordable, it was condensed. I’d like to do a follow-up day where we get the opportunity to revise what we learned and bring it altogether in an inspired design and share lunch. Participants might let me know if they are interested in this.

The leap from colour theory to application was a bit too big and I could have made that a more enjoyable learning experience with smaller practical steps. I love what colour can do – and it is empowering to be able to harness the luminous effects! I would certainly like to extend our learning into a retreat where there is immersion in nature, yoga, massages and wonderful nourishment for body, mind and soul. What if we were to live mandalas in a supportive environment for 5 days?!

I’m about to be artist/teacher in residence in Italy and teach some of this to the open and willing. A visit to Assisi will be inspiring, and then onto Copenhagen to meet with wonderful people. And after all that, you never know what might happen, so watch this space! 🙂

Mandalas forever, with love xo