a call out to my circle

Moss_rosemandala_copyright2014Hello fellow travellers,

Some of you have recently noticed my work and some of you have supported me from way back…virtual flowers and hugs, thanks to old and new friends 🙂

As you know, I love helping people tap into and revitalise their creativity. It demands of me all that I’ve been, all that I am and also that I open up more fully to my potential, and it feels good! Teaching a mindful art practice with coaching is what I did naturally when teaching at university and as I’ve become more aware of what I can uniquely offer, I’ve researched, developed and refined my courses, gaining skills and experience. The processes are intense, ongoing, and I love it!

Yes, there have been a lot of planning, revisions and refinements going on. Since I returned from Florence last month, I’ve been wanting to return there with students to do a meditative art course in that wonderful cradle of creativity. It will happen next year, and I found the perfect art school for us, so let me know if you’re interested as soon as you can and we can have a real live chat about it! I can take 8 people and the more lead-time, the better it will be for all of us!

Ok, so, the other thing is my site will change soon – the blog side of it will stay the same and so my letters to you will be here…and the rest will go over to the new site.

In May 2016, this site will revert to the old WP address. Information on upcoming courses will be over there as well as here, but to be sure of getting the latest, perhaps sign up for something. Please stay connected!

At the new site, the plan is to have a cool gallery where all my students have the opportunity to show their beautiful drawings and paintings. There will be opt-ins for free stuff, occasional newsletters and more.

In the interim, please tell me about your experiences of being creative and surprised with what you have done, or not; tell me about your problems with being stuck etc…I would love to hear and see photos too, and that way I can respond with more relevant posts. I hope the next few posts will be about you!

Until next month, stay well and make something! Bless you!

Suzanne 🙂