A remarkable month has ended with the completion of the Spring series of Level 1 Meditative Art Courses. It was an honour to work with everyone who attended. The Beechworth course turned into a retreat because we all stayed over! Generously hosted by the Flanagans in their welcoming home surrounded by beautiful trees in spring bloom, we were warmed and comforted by a wonderful fire and much loving kindness. I had to keep reminding myself that these amazing people, friends and colleagues from The Journey, were here for my course!!

The second course for the month was held in Daylesford with great people, open and ready for creative exploration. Something magical happens when adults give themselves full permission to be creative; to recognise, heal and care for the tender self; to listen within and respond with making resonant choices…

The third course, just last weekend, was held in the creative space of my large studio. For participants to have enough space around them, the limit is five, and that is a wonderful number of folk to work with.

I’m beginning to plan 2016, putting out proposals and preparing to travel internationally. I’ve been invited to a community in Germany, and another in the Middle East… If you would like a course in your country, at your place, we need to talk soon – contact me!

Maureen_making_light2015 Beechworth_Level1_2015


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