Complimentary sessions available

I’ve received a lot of warmth and support when I’ve posted about my courses and retreat in Florence (Italy) and I’m really grateful. Thank you! We had a wonderful time in April this year on my 15 night retreat “Love your Creativity in Florence, City of Creative Geniuses!” It will be on again next year. More information will be coming soon but if you want to find out first, book a free session below and subscribe to my newsletters at
I’m continuing with my vision of helping people get off the treadmill that’s making them feel sick and dull, and do something entirely different – access their brilliance through creative processes – so they can work smarter and experience all the colours of life! I did not expect my experience of life-threatening illness to lead to this!

Following the positive reviews from my retreats and coaching programmes, I want to share my work further. I’ve made space in my schedule during October and November to offer 50 minute complimentary “Your Treasure Map to Brilliance” Discovery Sessions.

If you want to invite some friends to this event, go ahead – I’m ok with sharing this opportunity with new friends too!

Who the sessions are for…

Perhaps you’re exhausted, ill or in recovery, taking stock of life and looking for a way forward that that is replenishing rather than draining. Maybe you’re worrying too much, in a situation where you’re feeling uninspired and lack-lustre.

I know it can feel like your fire has gone out, or like part of you is lost. Twenty years ago, that was me. I’ve created this free coaching session especially for you who are tired of feeling drained and lost and are ready and willing to feel inspired again. You haven’t lost it, just the way there. I’m a guide for the way through to the remarkable you who is still there, brilliant as ever!

My complimentary session is an introduction to my way of working that is founded on what I did to change my life twenty years ago and developed over the last several years from experience in research, teaching, mentoring, The Journey Method of transformational life coaching, Visionary Leadership Training and my work as a professional artist.

In this 50 minute Skype, FB messenger or phone session I aim for you to get clarity about what it means for you to be in your element, what might be stopping you from being more your self and what you can do about it.

If you’re a person who’s tired of the ‘same old’, and ready to try something different, reach out to me through the link below. It costs nothing. And it’s great experience for me too – I really appreciate the opportunity to meet with you.

You can redeem your session here and if you’re interested we can also talk about my Florence retreat. Click here to schedule your time:
Warm wishes,



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