Hi! I’m Suzanne 

From being a Visual Arts educator and mentor at a university art school, having a long term meditative art practice and training in the Journey Method of life coaching, I had a vision to bring what I do together in service. Now I help people get in touch with and care for their creative genius.

Have you ever thought your life lurches from ho-hum to super-stress? And you suspect that things could be so much better?

The feeling can be a subtle yearning at first and it’s hard to know when it even started, but it eventually nags…And then you’re at choice whether to listen or not. 

There seems to be a lot of mystery around creativity… and there’s a lot that is not mysterious at all. It’s about experience rather that trying to explain. That’s what I do – help you foster the experience of your own creative flow.  In the space of effortless being and making, that’s where your brilliance lives. 

You can shift from being frustrated, anxious and feeling lost to finding the calm and confidence that comes with relaxing into your natural creativity.  

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