About Dr Suzanne Moss

Raised in rural Australia, I've been one for enquiring, learning, dreaming, sharing and travelling internationally as a curious artist. I was a physio, since that was far more sensible, but in my thirties had to go to art school...and stayed there for a long time. I discovered mentoring and coaching were awesome due to my role mentoring students, so trained in The Journey Method, Visionary Leadership and Coaching. My doctorate on the painting of light led me to Zen... I could say a lot more but that would be anti-Zen! Anyhow, since early 2011, I've been developing a way to meld mindful creative practices and coaching to help people reconnect with their 'true colours' - literally and metaphorically - so they can make the difference only they can. Fostering lightness of being and profound realisations, I love my seemingly paradoxical work because I get to see the worries and weight of the world fall away so that adults feel like children again... and that's how they can be luminaries without even trying!

On creative thinking

Hello, and I hope you’re going well…

Here’s something different for you above – a photo from the farm where I grew up in south-western New South Wales. Taken from the front of the house-yard, I was there just before Christmas. The skies seem so big compared to how one sees them in the city… Always changing, the sky reminds me of freedom and possibility and has been the subject of many of my paintings.

The sky also reminds me that we’re all connected, and what a start to the year we’ve had. Already shockwaves have emanated, and continue to do so, from the United States, Italy, Germany and the Australia, with our own government’s attack on its’ underprivileged via the Centrelink debacle. More clear than ever is that we are a global community – events and tragedies affect us all at some level. While each of us is living through our own difficulties, many are also feeling the rips in the fabric of our humanity due to the actions, or inaction, of politicians elected to be of service to us. Betrayal and uncertainty are in the air, giving rise to anxiety, stress, fear and reaction rather than thoughtful action.

Where does creativity fit into this? Making things seems a total luxury in the face of it all. However, being creative is integrative of body mind and spirit, reminding us of who we are. Then we can be more mindful and wise. Many have written about this.

Integration is not something likely to be addressed in business, engineering courses or psychological papers on creativity. The rationalist view is more common. Money is to be made from reaping the innovative benefits of creative thinking and so, there’s been a lot of investigation into creativity since the ’60’s. One idea that has emerged is about important Creativity (big ‘C’ creativity as described by Edward de Bono) and little ‘c’ creativity. Colouring might be considered a good example of the latter. However, de Bono was wrong.

Creativity is non-discriminating, crosses all boundaries and is not selective in who it happens to. Let me be blunt. Colouring can give rise to remarkable ideas. How? The reasons from research are: colouring drops stress hormones within 45 minutes; brain activity becomes more global and is enriched with different sensory information, fodder for fresh ideas. Random unprecedented neural connections might also occur. Such connections can form a new idea. And I did not set out to write about colouring again! Creative tasks can be anything from gardening to cooking to figuring out how to fix something. You know already.

Check out my article on LinkedIn if you’re interested to find out more. ‘Getting Clear about Creative Thinking’ published yesterday – you can read it here 

Creative processes are how new possibilities arise. It’s common to see articles with titles similar to this: Brain Hacks to Boost your Creativity. Refreshing, isn’t it, to know everyone can be creative? As you know, this is what ‘floats my boat’! And in alignment with that, I have a few new offerings.

This is new!

  • A free talk for organisations and work-places titled “5 Power Tips to Make Creative Thinking Easy”. In this 45 minute talk you’ll discover what creative thinking really is; learn a 3 step process to get started and find out about 5 effective ‘hacks’ to welcome in fresh ideas. You can reply to this email for a flyer and more information – I’d love to hear from you 🙂
  • New course – 1 day “Creative Think Shop”. The feedback from many people has been that it was difficult for them to attend both days of the level one. Consequently, I’ve condensed it into a full day intensive. Everything is provided and the first one will be up and running on March 12.   This is what it’s all about:
  • Explore your unique brand of creativity and how it can upgrade your life and work
  • Find out about the creative brain (that each of us have!)
  • Identify traits of ‘highly creative people’ and your strengths
  • Say goodbye to procrastination with the 6 Sure Steps to Powerful Creative Process
  • Complete the day with a range of strategies that help you create great conditions for generating inspired ideas

I’ve been preparing for my exhibition at Nancy Sever Gallery in Canberra… The information is not up on the site yet, but it is here in Art Almanac. The show opens on February 4th at 3pm and will close on March 5th. On the 5th, I’ll give an artist’s talk at 3pm. Hope to see some of you there!

And this is not as new, but valuable – My free consultation is still on offer for anyone wanting to get a taste of working with me. In “Your Treasure Map to Brilliance” 50 minute discovery session we actually draw a treasure map that’s for you to get clarity around your natural creative brilliance and how you’d like to see that unfolding in your life…You can book a session here or ask me about it. I can do this via Skype or phone. A couple of days ago, had a lovely session with a woman from the Netherlands 🙂

That’s all for now folks. Thanks for your interest once again. I look forward to meeting with you in person or online. And I would be very grateful if you could forward this to someone who might be interested. Thanks!

Wishing you vibrant curiosity, fertile imagination and much joy in making something, anything!

Suzanne xo




Complimentary sessions available

I’ve received a lot of warmth and support when I’ve posted about my courses and retreat in Florence (Italy) and I’m really grateful. Thank you! We had a wonderful time in April this year on my 15 night retreat “Love your Creativity in Florence, City of Creative Geniuses!” It will be on again next year. More information will be coming soon but if you want to find out first, book a free session below and subscribe to my newsletters at http://drsuzannemoss.com/
I’m continuing with my vision of helping people get off the treadmill that’s making them feel sick and dull, and do something entirely different – access their brilliance through creative processes – so they can work smarter and experience all the colours of life! I did not expect my experience of life-threatening illness to lead to this!

Following the positive reviews from my retreats and coaching programmes, I want to share my work further. I’ve made space in my schedule during October and November to offer 50 minute complimentary “Your Treasure Map to Brilliance” Discovery Sessions.

If you want to invite some friends to this event, go ahead – I’m ok with sharing this opportunity with new friends too!

Who the sessions are for…

Perhaps you’re exhausted, ill or in recovery, taking stock of life and looking for a way forward that that is replenishing rather than draining. Maybe you’re worrying too much, in a situation where you’re feeling uninspired and lack-lustre.

I know it can feel like your fire has gone out, or like part of you is lost. Twenty years ago, that was me. I’ve created this free coaching session especially for you who are tired of feeling drained and lost and are ready and willing to feel inspired again. You haven’t lost it, just the way there. I’m a guide for the way through to the remarkable you who is still there, brilliant as ever!

My complimentary session is an introduction to my way of working that is founded on what I did to change my life twenty years ago and developed over the last several years from experience in research, teaching, mentoring, The Journey Method of transformational life coaching, Visionary Leadership Training and my work as a professional artist.

In this 50 minute Skype, FB messenger or phone session I aim for you to get clarity about what it means for you to be in your element, what might be stopping you from being more your self and what you can do about it.

If you’re a person who’s tired of the ‘same old’, and ready to try something different, reach out to me through the link below. It costs nothing. And it’s great experience for me too – I really appreciate the opportunity to meet with you.

You can redeem your session here and if you’re interested we can also talk about my Florence retreat. Click here to schedule your time: https://drsuzannemosscreativeatwork.acuityscheduling.com/
Warm wishes,


it’s about time…

To be honest, I feel like walking over to the shops and buying some chocolate! Hang on just a minute…ok, I’m back, and with a nice cup of chai. Now, this post is long overdue…

A few things are happening. I’ve been doing some research interviewing people about the challenges of creative professionals and I’ve learned a lot so far. If you would like to contribute and have a Creative Discovery session with me, you can make a time for your complimentary session with Suzanne.

I’ve started a ‘Creatives Share’ group for people to meet at my studio each month. There’s a Facebook group to help us stay in touch more easily and for international folk to join in and enjoy. Let me know if you’d like to be part of it.

NSG. Milingimbi. Exhibition views 10

Already Nancy Sever of Nancy Sever Gallery here in Canberra has kindly agreed to speak to us this coming Saturday afternoon about the show of Milingimbi paintings she has up currently. The striking works are all made with natural ochre pigments. This will be our first treat as a group and I envisage many more!

This coming Sunday I will speak at M 16 Artspace here in Canberra at 1.30pm. A couple of my small works from the ‘Flame’ series are hanging in a group show. Most of you probably have downloaded the book that shows images of these paintings, and CLICK HERE if you would like to get it again. I will speak briefly about my journey to Italy and Germany earlier this year, but I thought more useful for folks would be some foundation work from my Level 1 course: Reclaim and Replenish your Creative Self including the 6 Sure Steps for Powerful Creative Process.

I’ve started to plan for the “Replenish your Creative Genius Retreat in Florence, city of Creative Geniuses!” for 2017. The dates will be Friday 25th March to Saturday 9th April. I’ll be taking 4 people for this very special Florentine experience. If you would like more information contact me HERE. There will be a ‘Florence with Suzanne’ blog coming soon where I’ll share more of what happened this year.



having loved enough and lost enough

This is simply beautiful and needs to be shared.

this unlit light

Readers who receive the online newsletter from wondrous wideawake Chameli Ardagh at Awakening Women will have been privy to this beautiful poem by Mark Nepo. But in case that doesn’t include you I’m posting it here so you don’t miss out . . .

Having loved enough and lost enough,
I’m no longer searching
just opening,

no longer trying to make sense of pain
but trying to be a soft and sturdy home
in which real things can land.

These are the irritations
that rub into a pearl.

So we can talk for a while
but then we must listen,
the way rocks listen to the sea.

And we can churn at all that goes wrong
but then we must lay all distractions
down and water every living seed.

And yes, on nights like tonight
I too feel alone. But seldom do I
face it squarely enough
to see that…

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This last month, the world has seemingly shifted by more degrees than usual. Sometimes there are big shifts – a bomb lands, or the earth is fracked – the same thing really except with one we see the devastation and repercussions, and the other we don’t. At least not immediately…These things are frightening and tend to make us withdraw, play safe. But we are each powerful and need to step into that more than ever because our leaders are not leading us.

The evidence that we are privy to shows that our Western leaders are acting in destructive ways of vengeance and greed. So much is wrong! From the easy availability and unmitigated use of chemicals that decimate bees to the grand-scale destruction of rainforests; from the spending of millions on defence to bomb innocent people while our education and health systems suffer from under-funding…to the flushing of chemo-therapy drugs into our waterways, lies about its efficacy and profits to pharmaceutical companies at what cost? Hmmm… our lives.

In the face of all that we know to be out of order, I have many times felt helpless and powerless. And it’s not true. One person can inspire. One person can speak the truth and make a difference. That difference can be the small shift that leads to larger changes that save lives. We do know this. I can aim to be the best that I can be…and pray for the Grace for whatever inner shifts need to take place for that to happen. Sometimes seismic shifts within allow old conditioning, habits and addictions to fall away; that give us the freedom to be true to ourselves and not care about what others think.

The Journey is a guided introspective approach that points the way to the truth of who you are, so you can be and take action from authenticity. Power and peace/stillness are not usually used in the same sentence. However, it’s true, as most of you know already (I’m a slow learner). This remembering came about for me at last weekend’s Manifest Abundance Journey retreat in Australia. During an introspective process, I felt the humiliation and deep grief that I’d been carrying. I had thought it had all passed, but no…allowing this was like sitting in a crucible.

The choice is to meet this stuff, or not. Meeting the pain from the past is not easy, and it is far easier than having to negotiate the same old lessons… and on the other side… was power, potential, energy just waiting there in the stillness. There’s no going back.

A few things led up to this. Stuff happens that knocks you sideways and well… we’re at choice. Blame, be a victim, be defensive or let it pass on through feeling the pain of it. Be in the crucible.

Old programmes of conditioning can dissolve with meditation and self-enquiry. There can be a sense of groundlessness when limitations imposed by safe and reliable default patterns of being in the world are no longer there. And a seemingly paradoxical groundedness in the spaciousness, the stillness at the core of our being. I suspect Virginia Woolf knew about this. Now is life very solid or very shifting? She asked…This has gone on forever; goes down to the bottom of the world – this moment I stand on. Also it is transitory, flying, diaphanous.[1]  

May you each be blessed and realise the many gifts you bring, just by being you. With love and gratitude,


[1] Virginia Woolf, Diary, III, London: Bloomsbury, 4th January, 1929, p. 218



Welcome to my newsletter! It has been such a pleasure to connect with you, either through my courses, your courses, groups, via email or website – thank you for your interest and much more than that…most of you have been so supportive and kind. I often feel held, supported in this work which is taking on a life of its own. Gratitude is here – thankyou!

Three weeks ago I moved house, thus you can understand why my monthly post is late…I’m settling into a share situation, with lovely housemate Lisa, a sweet-natured dog – Rusty – and smoochiest cat I’ve ever met – Lily – and several chooks whose names I don’t know yet… 

Not much unpacking has happened this last week, since I’ve recently run the 5th Level 1 RECLAIM YOUR CREATIVITY since returning from Europe in late June. Another fabulous group! And now I’m organizing to return to Europe and teach a Level 1, 2 and 3 combined course in Florence next April at Koine’ School where I spent 4 weeks earlier this year. Following this, I’m hoping to do Level 1 courses in Germany and the UK…(near Bath).

My Level 2 YOUR CREATIVE JOURNEY, was held on 10/11 October in my studio and was profound for all of us. Thank you to my open-hearted, ready and willing colleagues. I feel very grateful to be able to develop and share this work. The final Level 2 for the year will be held on 21/22 November.

The Level 3 CREATIVE FLIGHT is coming in early March, and I’m really looking forward to sharing this personal, whimsical, joyful work from my own journey that I’ve not shared in a course before. I’ve been developing it further today and it will be a lot of fun as well as soul-searching work.

The following is about upcoming courses – and please pass on to anyone you think might be interested. There’s quite a lot on the Love your Creativity Florentine course – the first time bringing my 3 courses together into one life-changing course in an amazing location, this is a rare and special offering. If you feel it may be the right thing for you, let’s talk! I look forward to welcoming you. Contact me via my contact page, SMS to organise a good time, or call: +61 417 249 175

With love and gratitude, Suzanne xo


Level 1: RECLAIM YOUR CREATIVITY December 12-13 or  31 Jan – Feb 1, 2016 CANBERRA



  • Discover how creative you really are!
  • Express yourself with freedom
  • Stop worrying and experience inner peace
  • Be immersed in your creativity, touch base with your true self
  • Experience inspiring guided meditations and visualisations
  • Create five different kinds of mandalas with step-by-step instruction
  • Practice Zen drawing
  • Find colour combinations that resonate with you personally
  • Create luminous designs
  • Build good habits that help you sustain a creative practice
  • Receive one-on-one guidance

Level 2: Your Creative Journey 21 – 22 November 2015

or 20 – 21 Feb 2016   CANBERRA

4 students, 2 full days with materials included 9 – 5.30pm

  • Learn cool techniques so you can colour like a champion
  • Surprise yourself by making two complex mandalas
  • Learn about colour symbolism
  • Explore the Shri Yantra, power diagram for manifestation and personal freedom.
  • Become immersed in contemplation, self-discovery and self-acceptance as you make your own Shri Yantra. (only for the committed and courageous!)

Level 3: Creative Flight 5-6 March 2016

(2 days + separate one-on-one coaching session) CANBERRA

  • Discover how the world changes as you set a powerful intent for your creative expression
  • Receive 1:1 Journey coaching to explore your life’s creative purpose.
  • Take on new personal tools to facilitate your creativity
  • Recognize fear in relation to the personality types, and what comes next.
  • Be instructed in three of Suzanne’s personal meditative art approaches
  • With guidance, find your own creative meditative methods.


Colour theory made simple and practical, mixing and interactions in any medium to help you create striking designs. This course went very well and will run again on demand next year. Please contact me if interested.

Wednesday Evening Summer classes – For those who have completed at least Level 1 or a colour workshop with me to build on what you have learned with prioritizing your time for self-directed projects with guidance and feedback (max of 4 students) 6 – 8.30pm: 25th Nov and 9th Dec (gratis 30th Dec) 27th January, 10th Feb, 24th Feb, 9th March, 23rd March. 7 sessions.

30th December: Preparing for the New Year – Visioning + Vision Board

Evening with food to share 6pm – 9.30 pm – with guided visualization and coaching, exploring and creating intentions for the New Year. This is a special BONUS offer in gratitude to participants in Level 1 and 2 courses this year.

Love your Creativity FLORENTINE JOURNEY – 3 Levels of Meditative Art with Language classes for beginners in Florence, Italy – 15 nights 2016

A collaboration and rare invitation from me and Koine’ Language School of Florence, this 2 week course engages you in Florentine life, language, art and creativity. Live in an apartment in Florence for two weeks and experience the richness of introductory language classes with a bias toward art, as well as dealing with the everyday. Relax and enjoy guided tours, good food, adventure and discovery, visiting amazing works of art and experiencing your true creative self in meditative art classes.

In Florence, there are two major differences to how I usually teach these three courses. Firstly, I show you much ‘food’ for creative inspiration that you can only see in Florence, and second, offering three levels in one course during 2 weeks – with coaching and a lot of discussion outside formal course hours – presents you with a major opportunity for personal growth.

With me you can grow skills that move you out of being stuck in old patterns and reveal your unique creativity – something most people don’t even realize they have access to!

From participation in my classes often flows a natural love for your creative self that sets you on the path of a better version of your life. We were designed to be makers first and problem solvers second! Making, I have found repeatedly assists problem solving. This makes sense given the ‘Creative Brain’ research of Nancy Andreasen – we need new input for the brain to draw from while we are not trying to figure things out; the brain make unprecedented connections while we’re ‘taking it easy’, arriving at epiphanies when least expected, however, we need new, quality input to do this well!

Spending time in Florence with us, enriches and opens your mind through learning language helps you engage more fully with all that you see and experience here. The invitation to you is to make the connection between the creativity out there and your own creativity within.

In a supportive, creative environment, you can be creatively refreshed and inspired!

Contact me for the link to my powerpoint presentation and further information.

Presentations, museum visits, teaching with examples and step-by-step instruction, guided meditations, visualizations and gentle coaching to help you get the most from opportunities to discover, reclaim and express your creativity.

Rather than judge yourself harshly, nurture your own creativity through becoming more self-aware through making, designing and colouring mindfully – geometric designs, several very different kinds of mandalas, and Zen Drawing. This area of interest is not new for Italy – leading Italian scholar Giuseppe Tucci, an authority on Mandalas, published his informative book in the early sixties.

The sixties was a time of people’s objection to war, cultivating humanitarianism, acceptance of difference and freedom of creativity. In our times this is needed more than ever.

Background information:

This course is a natural evolution of my life’s work – drawing strongly on my artistic practice as a painter and long-standing love of Florence, of being creative and nurturing creativity in others through teaching and coaching. I have been to Florence several times, twice for month-long visits, and have over 30 years creative arts experience; visual arts doctoral research; Journey & Conscious Coach training (ongoing since 2007) and practice (since 2010) and many years of various kinds of meditation practice.

It all comes together here, caring creatively for the soul!

What do we learn about?

For this special course, I condense 3 levels of my Meditative Art courses into one comprehensive course. All the goods in one bundle, plus more! For example, become aware of ego stuff and conditioning that block your creativity (from Level 1) and receive 1:1 coaching to get clear and choose your positive intentions for your creative life. Learn how to use colour to create luminosity empowering you to create beautiful mandalas with confidence (from Level 2). Try out my three creative approaches that helped me through serious illness and use them as a spring-board to finding your own version of meditative art and creative freedom (from Level 3).

This course is suitable for absolute beginners to those who are involved in a visual arts practice – it’s about nurturing your creative life no matter what stage you are at! Tapping into your creativity can be powerfully transformative. You too can shift from being stuck in old stories and mundane patterns to living an extraordinary life!


A remarkable month has ended with the completion of the Spring series of Level 1 Meditative Art Courses. It was an honour to work with everyone who attended. The Beechworth course turned into a retreat because we all stayed over! Generously hosted by the Flanagans in their welcoming home surrounded by beautiful trees in spring bloom, we were warmed and comforted by a wonderful fire and much loving kindness. I had to keep reminding myself that these amazing people, friends and colleagues from The Journey, were here for my course!!

The second course for the month was held in Daylesford with great people, open and ready for creative exploration. Something magical happens when adults give themselves full permission to be creative; to recognise, heal and care for the tender self; to listen within and respond with making resonant choices…

The third course, just last weekend, was held in the creative space of my large studio. For participants to have enough space around them, the limit is five, and that is a wonderful number of folk to work with.

I’m beginning to plan 2016, putting out proposals and preparing to travel internationally. I’ve been invited to a community in Germany, and another in the Middle East… If you would like a course in your country, at your place, we need to talk soon – contact me!

Maureen_making_light2015 Beechworth_Level1_2015


Something unexpected happened today. A gift! I was taking my flyers to a shop in the city – a shop where I’d seen a notice board of consciousness-raising courses. There I spoke with Lauren, who told me she was confused about what I had on offer. We spoke some more and it was SO great to get this feedback – thanks Lauren! I’ve acted, inspired to connect and share. I love what I do – this new work that I’ve developed from my experiences of meditative art and coaching – and I really want to get the message across…

The image of a rose opening with time-lapse photography was at the back of my mind from a post by beautiful colleague Lisa Edmonds…And, I remembered the poetry of Hafiz:

How did the rose ever open its heart and give this world all its beauty? It felt the encouragement of light against its being, otherwise, we all remain too frightened.”   HAFIZ from the book of poems ‘The Gift’

In the words of Hafiz, I know my courses offer the ‘encouragement of light’. Two days of slowing down and looking inwards, attending to, listening to and expressing from the neglected self – an opportunity for self-love unlike any other. Like the rose, you can open up and be more aware of your gifts, your potential and give the world your beauty. Every person who has worked with me has realised something new, has made something that they did not think they could. I have seen them bloom and it was wonderful! You too can be like the rose.      Level1_Moss_Meditative_Art2015


Creative spring-time


Today is clear, still and sunny. Blossoms are just starting to bloom – I just checked on the Plum tree just outside my studio window 🙂

I’m starting a Spring round of my LEVEL 1 Meditative Art + coaching Course: AWAKEN your CREATIVITY.  It’s an intensive weekend course and wonderful to be able to work with people I haven’t met yet! The course has been revised and refined for those who have worked with me before. I also have a LEVEL 2 Meditative Art + coaching Course: YOUR CREATIVE JOURNEY coming up on the 10th and 11th October.

Past participants have told me this work has changed their lives – taken a load off their minds and given them some joy back. Some changed paths to fulfil their dreams. That’s what happened to me!

My courses are designed for a broad range of people, not just those who know they can be creative. Get life-long skills for de-stressing, replenishing AND BEING SMARTER! Zen Drawing and Mandala making with simple meditations are ways to finding inner calm and to reconnect with your natural creative potential.

I have used this work with scientists, academics, Steiner teachers, health care professionals, public servants, an architect, web-designers, artists and students. When stressed, we are not at our thinking best, and seriously need to be. Full engagement in meditative art can take activity and circulation from the lower parts of the brain where we experience fear, to the higher cortex where our great ideas come from.

This work works and here are two good reasons why: Research on the Creative Brain by Nancy Andreasen showed that when people were distracted from the problem at hand and doing simple tasks that were not at all demanding, their brain began to go into REST – random episodic silent thought. In this state, unprecedented connections were taking place between previously unconnected neurones in the neo-cortex, the most evolved part of the brain.

Sunni Brown in her great book ‘Doodle Revolution’ makes an excellent observation: when we engage our other senses in the sensory and kinaesthetic act of drawing, it provides the brain with loads of other information to draw from for innovative ideas. Like adding extra ingredients to the pantry, with Andreasen’s REST, you can understand how meditative art gives the brain lots of raw material to draw from in ‘down time’.  And there is more. A really important aspect of this work is the meditative state.

While meditation is about being rather than doing, the repetitive and easy nature of meditative art requires the focus of meditation but not the effort of achieving a particular outcome. In this way, doing becomes a way into being, into stillness. And in stillness, the best ideas are born. Add coaching to the mix and you get to give your self some attention, some love actually! 

Find out for yourself at one of my upcoming courses – see the latest flyer here:

 Moss_meditative art course


Beechworth, Victoria, Australia    12 – 13 September

Daylesford, Victoria, Australia    19 – 20 September

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory    26 – 27 September


a call out to my circle

Moss_rosemandala_copyright2014Hello fellow travellers,

Some of you have recently noticed my work and some of you have supported me from way back…virtual flowers and hugs, thanks to old and new friends 🙂

As you know, I love helping people tap into and revitalise their creativity. It demands of me all that I’ve been, all that I am and also that I open up more fully to my potential, and it feels good! Teaching a mindful art practice with coaching is what I did naturally when teaching at university and as I’ve become more aware of what I can uniquely offer, I’ve researched, developed and refined my courses, gaining skills and experience. The processes are intense, ongoing, and I love it!

Yes, there have been a lot of planning, revisions and refinements going on. Since I returned from Florence last month, I’ve been wanting to return there with students to do a meditative art course in that wonderful cradle of creativity. It will happen next year, and I found the perfect art school for us, so let me know if you’re interested as soon as you can and we can have a real live chat about it! I can take 8 people and the more lead-time, the better it will be for all of us!

Ok, so, the other thing is my site will change soon – the blog side of it will stay the same and so my letters to you will be here…and the rest will go over to the new site.

In May 2016, this site will revert to the old WP address. Information on upcoming courses will be over there as well as here, but to be sure of getting the latest, perhaps sign up for something. Please stay connected!

At the new site, the plan is to have a cool gallery where all my students have the opportunity to show their beautiful drawings and paintings. There will be opt-ins for free stuff, occasional newsletters and more.

In the interim, please tell me about your experiences of being creative and surprised with what you have done, or not; tell me about your problems with being stuck etc…I would love to hear and see photos too, and that way I can respond with more relevant posts. I hope the next few posts will be about you!

Until next month, stay well and make something! Bless you!

Suzanne 🙂